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In 2014 August the successful landing of "new three" Stock Code: 830924 stock abbreviation: Xinglong Technology

Shenzhen city in January 2014 the introduction of the city, the force and the Chinese investment in Shenzhen City, and the Investment Co., Ltd.

In 2013 December the company reform, change to Shenzhen Xinglong Polytron Technologies Inc

April 2013 launch of the new three board project

September 2012 through the national high-tech enterprises review"

March 2011 appointment of domestic well-known technical experts, Professor Wang Leren as chief technical adviser

In 2009 August registered the "Shenzhen City Star Technology Co. Ltd." trademark

June 2009 through the "national high-tech enterprise certification"

June 2009 passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification"

September 2007 through the "Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification

In May 2007, the company successfully settled in "Shenzhen Nanshan big incubator" (Shenzhen Nanshan digital culture industry base)

Successful development of 2005 October XL803 three-phase programmable power source, waveform fitting degree reached 50000 points per cycle maximum, far beyond the domestic and foreign each cycle 3600 level

October 2004 the first DSP Blackfin simulator XL101 developed successfully.

2004 June Shenzhen Xinglong Technology Co. Ltd. was established

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